You have Decided to Take up Golf

You have bought some clubs, a few new golf shirts and have even been to the driving range. Maybe you have played a few rounds, but you did not do very well. Your friends Tried to give you pointers and tips, but it only confused you.

If you really want to play and enjoy the game, then do yourself a big favor.

Take Some Lessons!

You have several choices when it comes to lessons.

A.You can find a friend who is really good, and go out for some one on one help.

B.Find a local Pro and spend a few dollars. Most of them will video your swing. And help you adjust it so you can play without being embarrassed.

C.Read all the golf magazines and watch the golf channel. Buy some videos.

D.Plunk down the cash and go to a golf school for some serious training.

Whichever option you choose to pursue, the most important thing is to learn from your lesson, especially if you are paying someone. Pay attention to what you taught. As soon as possible you need to go to a driving range and practice your new swing or stance. Even the pros that you watch on TV spend a lot of time at the practice tee.

Your golf experience will be more enjoyable when you can go down the fairway not side to side. The more you practice and play the better you will get at the game.


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