The Booz Allen Classic

The Booz Allen Classic

The Booz Allen Classic is a golf tournament that is part of the PGA Tour which takes place every year, and it is scheduled on June at Potomac Maryland.

The tournament has been moved along its past, for example the first event was played in 1968 at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton, Massachusetts. After the event was moved to Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlote, North Carolina the following year and stayed there until 1979.

In 1980 it moved to Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland staying there for six years until 1986. But since 1987 the tournament has been held at the TCP at Avenel in Potomac with the exception that in 2005 it had to get back to the Congressional Country Club because some improvements were taking place at the TCP Avenel. This year the event is back to be held at the TCP again.

As of 2006 the tournament started on June 22nd and it ends on June 25th and the purse was $5,000,000 with $900,000 for the winner. The runner-up will get $540,000 and the third place $340,000.

The final round of the tournament was postponed until Monday 8:00 a.m. due to some weather issues (very heavy rain), fact that forced the players to wait. The one who became the favorite to win the event and the one who has led it as first place until now is Ben Curtis.


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