Correcting a Golf Slice

Slicing the ball is a common problem among golfers. A slice is when the ball travels from one direction to another [such as left or right handedness of the golfer], generally not in the direction you want to go. This opposition of the ball does not go straight to the hole is the bane of the world of golf.

Correcting a golf slice is not difficult, but it can take a lot of practice, patience and more practice.

There are three ways to correct a slice. Hiring a golf instructor, buying DIY books and / or take a golfing buddy who follow him everywhere the streets and tell you what you are doing wrong.

In the meantime, practice these simple instructions on the patio or in the field.

1. Line your feet correctly - square yourself with your feet about shoulder width apart and the golf ball midway between the two

2. The main point of his shoulder in the direction of the hole. Wherever the shoulder points is where the ball will go

3. Keep your swing smooth and relaxed, knees slightly bent. Do not try to hit the golf ball very hard, hit it or to over-correct

4. The head should be down and eyes on the ball. Do not look to see where the ball is going, its purpose and should be aligned with the position of the body. Raise your head is going to destroy its target

5. Remember to always follow through. When you hit the ball and the club is over your head, then you can try

As a result, do not forget to shout your golf buddy fluid intake in the clubhouse. Important tips can be traded and your golf slice discussed with all the details of a cold drink can.


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